EventEdge from Acadia Edge Group is an online event registration and marketing platform. It allows event organizers to create events, sell tickets and promote their event on multiple destinations for sellout attendance. EventEdge believes in presenting your event in a visually appealing and effective manner to prospective customers, improving the quality and professionalism of the pitch, which go a long way in conversions to sale. At the same time, EventEdge is easy to use for both event owners as well as attendees registering for the occasion.

Event Registration and Ticket Buying

Interested attendees are directed to a well detailed event page, either by following links from promotional materials or through browsing events on our site pages. From the event page, the buyers can come to know the detailed event description, information on organizers and their web site, event logistics and prices for tickets. Following a Payment link, buyers are next taken to a shopping cart where the various categories of tickets available are presented to the customer. Customer selects the categories and number of tickets desired on the cart, and then chooses a Payment method. We support payment through either leading credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) or Paypal. Once a payment method is selected, the user is taken to either the secure credit card processing server on our site, or the paypal gateway. In order to purchase, the user will have to complete the forms fully, including providing an email (login id) and a password for an account creation. Please remember your login credentials for future use. If you are using Paypal, please remember to click “Return to site” button within Paypal to ensure your transaction is complete.

Upon successful completion of the customer’s ticketing transaction, you will receive an email confirmation (please check your junk folder also) that the tickets have been purchased. Event managers will also receive a notification of the transaction via email.

Create Events

Event Managers can click on “Create An Event” button from EventEdge homepage to launch the event creation functionality. They can enter all the required information to define the event and then save the event. At any point during the process, event manager can decide to save the work and come back later. In such cases, the event will not be published for general availability but all the information will be saved for future use. Once completed, the event can be published and available immediately to all viewers.

My Events

There will be a need to review created events and also update certain information. Event organizer can go to “My Events” link on top right (after login to EventEdge) and view the events at any time. From here, there are options to Edit the event listing. All changes made and saved take effect immediately. Note there may be some restrictions of changing certain fields if ticketing transactions have already occurred for that event. For questions, you should contact

You will also be given a link to the events page which you can visit to verify the event creation was successful. You will have an edit event link as well to correct errors.

Ticketing Set Up

For each event, the organizer can set up a ticketing structure. At the end of creating an event, the user is automatically taken to the ticket setup page. Otherwise, organizer can also click on Generate Tickets within one’s profile. Within ticketing, one or more ticket categories must be described along with a price (currently only in USD). Once the ticketing is completed, user can save the entries and the ticketing will become active immediately.

Transaction Processing and Payment to Organizer

All tickets sold on are paid by event registrants to EventEdge (Acadia Edge Group, LLC) through online credit card facilities or Paypal. For domestic (US) events hosted by US organizers, funds collected from ticket sales will normally be mailed out to the organizers address by check within 5 business days from close of event. Our business days are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST. So if an event closed on Monday, normally the payment will be mailed out the following Monday. All fees, refunds, chargebacks etc, if any will be deducted from this amount. We can offer no refunds – the organizer determines the refund policy and will directly refund a customer according to policy. If a wire transfer request is made for receipt of funds, an additional $12 will be deducted from net amount due before transmission. Chargebacks, even after payment of funds to organizer, will remain the responsibility of the organizer.

Note that these rates and delivery times only apply to domestic (US) transactions. For non-US events or organizers, delivery of funds may take longer and rates may be higher. Please contact us at for questions related to your international events. EventEdge offers services in a number of foreign countries in Europe and Asia.

EventEdge Pricing

EventEdge service is free of any subscription or fees and charges only apply for actual transactions processed through the system. You can list free events in EventEdge to benefit from the marketing and event planning features, for which there will be no fees charged by EventEdge. For tickets sold, there are essentially two costs that occur for each transaction. The first are the credit card banks charges, which are incurred whenever any merchant accepts credit cards. The second component are EventEdge's
fees for the service.

Credit Card costs (bank gateway)EventEdge Transaction Fees
3% of total for credit card transactions (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express )
4% for Paypal transactions
99c/transaction + 2.5% of total transaction cost

Example: Let us assume the ticket cost is $50.

Credit card cost: 50 x 0.03 = $1.50

EE transaction: 99c + 50 x 0.025 = $2.34

Total fee of transaction: $3.84

So esstntially, the total fee is 5.5% of sales + 99c/transaction (including all tickets) Many event organizers utilize multiple ticketing outlets, including in-person ticket sales, online media, sales through shops, etc. We strongly recommend deciding on a fixed net cost to customer (e.g. $50) across ALL outlets to maintain a professional image and prevent price undercutting and lack of trust from customers or partners.

Contact and Questions

All questions may be sent to