You don't have to be a professional event planner to organize one;

in fact, sometime or other in life, almost everyone needs to plan an event, whether it's a community Christmas party, a fundraiser for your favorite charity, a training class you are teaching, a college alumni networking session or a major office party as a posh hotel. Some items like schedule, food, venue, activities etc. are manageable by you. But the success of such events, often measured through attendees and collections, depend largely on marketing, which is never an exact science and often falls in a discomfort zone for many individuals. This is where EventEdge will make your job easier.

Even more than providing a convenient platform for you to advertise your event and sell tickets, we promote your event in multiple ways. First is our commitment to ensure that your event appears visually appealing, for which we go to great lengths and offer personalized services for the facial uplift. But EventEdge is also building the technology and workflow to propagate your program information to multiple online destinations for zero or minimal additional effort, so that each event is truly "published once" but accessible everywhere. This reduces cost of advertising, saves your time and drives greater attendance to your events. Empowering you to be successful in your events through automated marketing is our unique value proposition. EventEdge is owned and operated by Acadia Edge Group, LLC of Boston, Massachusetts. We are a specialty software development company with a focus on social media and new technologies.